Kida (2023) Movie

Tamil movie "Kida" (2023)! It is a heart-touching drama that explores the themes of family, sacrifice and chasing dreams. Here are the details of the bullet points:

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Kida Movie Tamilrockers

Kida Movie
  • Release date: November 11, 2023
  • Director: Ra. Venkat
  • Cast:
    • Kaali Venkat as Seenaiyya (Grandfather)
    • Poo Ramu as Ganesh (grandson)
    • Deepan Virumandi as Veerasamy (rural butcher)
    • Pandiyamma
  • Plot:
    • In Tanapalli village, a grandfather named Seenaiyya lives with his young grandson Ganesh and his beloved pet goat. Their dreams become intertwined when they face financial struggles and the unexpected disappearance of the goat. Through it all, their bond and resilience are tested, leading to heartwarming discoveries.
  • Critical reception:
    • While some found the story predictable, critics praised the film's simplicity, relatable characters, and Ra. praised. Praised. Venkat's direction. The performances of Kaali Venkat and Poo Ramu were also praised for their emotional depth.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Themes: Family, Poverty, Dreams, Sacrifice, Hope

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Interesting fact:

  • The film was shot in Theni district of Tamil Nadu.
  • The goat, played by a real animal named "Kutty", became a fan favourite.
  • The film's music, composed by Thiessen, adds to the emotional journey of the characters.

Overall, "Kida" is a touching and relevant film that celebrates family and the power of dreams. If you're looking for an entertaining experience with strong performances and a heart-touching story, this could be the perfect watch for you!